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Auto Radiator basics
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 A. Why do you want to install the radiator, cooling capacity is not the bigger the better?

1. Since most objects to be heated after expansion, the higher the temperature, the greater expansion. Parts in an internal combustion engine
After the thermal expansion work, make parts deformation, excessive swelling, makes normal complement each other to see the gap between the damaged parts.
2. metal parts at high temperatures will reduce the strength, do not work well.
3. The lubricating oil at high temperatures, its viscosity is also greatly reduced. If the reduced viscosity of the lubricating oil, the oil film
Carrying capacity decline, you can not keep a good lubrication in motion pair, the increased wear and tear parts. While when the cylinder wall temperature is too high, it will make rapid combustion of the lubricating oil into the combustion chamber, causing an increase in the consumption of lubricating oil, and the coke combustor.
4. When the cylinder temperature is too high, cylinder charge coefficient decreases. Gasoline is also prone to exploding phenomenon.
However, it should be noted too that the cooling must be appropriate, excessive cooling of the engine will give many adverse consequences:
1. The in-cylinder temperature is too low, the fuel is not completely burned, with exhaust emissions, fuel consumption increases. 2. lubricant viscosity increase at low temperatures, so that the parts in motion of frictional resistance increase, consume more power, thus reducing the output power. Meanwhile, penetration of lubricating oil drop, middle school sports situations may occur no lubrication, increased wear.
3. The temperature is too low, decrease the thermal efficiency of the engine.
4. After the combustion exhaust vapor and sulfur compounds at low temperatures is called condense into a sulfurous acid droplets, can corrode parts; cylinder in the case of long-term low temperature, but also easy to wear.
5. In the gasoline engine, if the temperature within the cylinder is too low, the inhaled gas mixture in a portion of gasoline vapor will condense on the cylinder wall, flows into the crankcase oil deterioration.
6. chilling cylinder, so that emissions worse.

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