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Coincidentally plugging leaking tank car
Author: Date:2014/11/27 11:01:11 Visits:

If you live in your car tank leaks how to do? Try the following several methods.

1. If you are in the process of moving car, or vehicle accidents due to vehicle vibration, so that the water tank leaking water pipes burst, you can take measures in accordance with the specific circumstances: when leaks or cracks not more than 1 mm 2 mm holes, added to a tank bottle powerful tank sealing agent, you can start the car running.

2. Open the cooling water after the start of a cycle of 5 to 10 minutes, cooling systems, whether tanks or rubber pipes and other structures, leaks will stop the leak, no release after stanch will not affect the cooling or clogging.

3. Without stanch agents, individual heat pipe leaking slightly, temporarily placed in the tank with the bulk of tobacco, the use of the water cycle pressure on the tobacco plug the leaks in the cooling pipes, temporary use.

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